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Cuomo Opposes Vaccines Distribution Because He Hates Trump

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #157
1) Cuomo Opposes Vaccines Distribution Because He Hates Trump
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo revealed his partisan hackery on Monday when he told ABC News that while it is “good news” that Pfizer has had a recent breakthrough in its vaccine clinical trial, he believes it is “bad news” that the Trump administration will get to plan the distribution.
Cuomo said he has spoken to other governors about how they can alter or even block Trump’s plan so that President-elect Joe Biden could implement the distribution of the vaccine instead.
GOP Senator Ben Sasse quickly issued a statement blasting Cuomo for politicizing the issue:

“What on earth is Governor Cuomo talking about? This is great news and everyone – Republicans and Democrats and apolitical folks – should all be jointly thrilled about the possibility of an effective vaccine. After this nasty virus has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans and put millions out of work, it is beyond disgusting that Governor Cuomo would use a glimmer of hope for another worn-out ‘Trump is bad’ talking point. When we get a vaccine, we’re going to need all hands on deck distributing it as fast as possible – shamelessly politicizing this is dangerous and stupid.”
2) The Better The Trump Economy Gets, The More The Media Trashes It
If you want to have fun, Google the phrase “economy is slowing.”  
You will get thousands of hits from news reports over the last four months. Here is this past weekend’s oxymoronic headline from the Washington Post:
October jobs report: Economy added 638,000 jobs As Growth Slows
Do the editors have any clue as to how laughable this line is? The 900,000 private sector jobs recorded in October was one of the ten best monthly gains in American history. But, yes, technically that is a slow down from 4 million in June – quadrupling the old monthly record.  
“Slowing down” has been the left’s mantra following nearly every economic report over the past six months. The faster the economy heals, the more it is apparently “slowing down.”  The newsrooms in America see some phantom job killer just around the next corner (except the real one – Joe Biden) and the reporters seem visibly disappointed when it doesn’t show up.
Hotline readers will recall that all through the months of July, August and Sept. the hate Trump media warned about a “slow down.” Right. Two weeks ago we were given the official statistics: 3rd quarter GDP blowout numbers showed the highest quarterly growth rate (33%) in American history doubling the old record set in 1950. How could the economy not slow down from that warp speed?
If a basketball player hits eight of 10 shots from the field in the first half and seven of 10 in the second half, it would be a little strange to say he’s “cooling off.”
Why even after the election, are they still reporting fake news on the Trump boom? Two reasons. First, the anti-Trump derangement syndrome (ATDS) is such a truth-altering virus in the newsroom, that they can’t give Trump credit for ANYTHING. Second, the left wants another $2 to $3 trillion debt bomb stimulus bill and every new report of the surging economy argues against that. And most importantly, they know in their hearts that Biden is going to perform much worse on the economy than Trump, so they want to set the bar as low as possible for the Democrats. They want to spend four years heralding Biden as the guy who saved the economy, not the one who capsized it.
If Biden ever gets a 33% growth of GDP or 4 million jobs in a month, we will write a love letter to Nancy Pelosi. And if you want to see an economy “slowing down,” stick around. 

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