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Larry Kudlow assures a peaceful transfer of power

Policy and Government

Per Politico, Larry Kudlow assures a peaceful transfer of power.

At The Hill, Casey B. Mulligan argues that Biden’s economic plan “would reduce median (“middle class”) annual family income about $6,500 by the year 2030” and would to a situation in which “employment would drop by about five million jobs.”


Per Fox Business, Kudlow predicts that Biden will keep the Trump tax cuts.  

At the Cato Institute, Chris Edwards criticizes Biden’s capital gains tax plan.

At Forbes, Sarah Hansen warns us not to “expect tariff rollbacks any time soon” under a Biden administration. 


At The Wall Street Journal, Andrew Restuccia, Eliza Collins, and Alex Leary report that the Biden transition team is already discussing the use of executive orders to reverse several policies enacted by Trump, including his withdrawal from the Paris Agreement.

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