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Free Money for Illegal Immigrants, Felons, and Teachers Who Don’t Teach

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #239
1) Free Money for Illegal Immigrants, Felons, and Teachers Who Don’t Teach

The $1.9 trillion monstrosity is expected to pass the House today and head to the White House for a Biden signature.

At least the GOP hung together and all members voted no. This past weekend the Senate Republicans also forced floor votes on some two dozen crafty amendments to the bill. They almost ALL failed on a straight party-line vote. But it forced Dem senators to take some very bad votes that could haunt them in their next elections. Here are a few worth remembering:

Failed (49-50) Cassidy #1161 Assistance to non-public schools – Ensures that all $135 billion is reserved for the teacher unions and the education blob. 
Failed (49-50) Toomey #1010 Strike socially disadvantaged farmers – This is an absurd program that creates racial preferences for farm programs. 
Failed (49-50) Fischer #944 Reinstate current law urban transit formula and drop slush fund. This would have prevented a $5 billion earmark for the New York transit system. 
Failed (48-50) Cotton MTC Prevent grant money to Sanitary Cities – Dems love illegal immigration.
Failed (49-50) Cruz #969 Provide children with option for in-person education if public school doesn’t reopen – More evidence Dems care more about teacher unions than kids and parents
Failed (49-50 60 vote threshold) Tuberville #1386 No funds for schools that allow biological males to compete in girls’ sports – Dems too “woke” to protect girl’s sports.
Failed (49-50) Cassidy #1162 Ensure that 2021 Recovery Rebates are not provided to prisoners – Felons are a key part of the Democratic coalition. 
Failed (49-50) Cruz #968 Ensure that recovery rebates are not provided to illegal immigrants – Illegal aliens are also a key part of the Democratic coalition
Failed (49-50) Daines MTC  build Keystone X.L. pipeline – Dems hate fossil fuels more than they want jobs. 
2) Democrats Vote to Destroy Their Own State Right to Work Laws

We believe that workers have the right to collectively bargain. We also believe that workers have the right to NOT join a union if they so choose. 27 states have guaranteed this fundamental right by instituting state right-to-work laws.  

The evidence is clear that businesses, jobs, factories, and investment capital migrate from the blue forced-union to the red right-to-work states. These mostly red right-to-work-states have created about twice as many jobs as the forced-union states (see chart).

So yesterday was a dark, dark day as the United States House of Representatives passed a bill to repeal right-to-work laws in every state. This would force tens of millions of Americans to join unions – and to pay union dues – against their will. This could raise hundreds of millions of dollars for the union bosses, who will then pass on much of this money to Democrats in campaign contributions.

Five Republicans voted with the unions. 

Most distressing was the number of Democrats who voted against their own states:

Our view is: give workers the right to choose. American workers have the right to band together and form and join unions to collectively bargain, and workers also have the right NOT to join the union if they don’t want to.

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