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Stephen Moore and Casey Mulligan Ask, How Many Jobs Will the Stimulus Kill?

Policy and Government

At The Wall Street Journal, Stephen Moore and Casey Mulligan ask, how many jobs will the stimulus kill?

At Reason, Christian Britschgi argues that the portion of Biden’s $1.9 stimulus that gives funds directly to state, local, and tribal governments is wholly unnecessary.

At Cafe Hayek, Don Boudreaux admonishes those who call themselves libertarians or classical liberals, yet have remained largely silent regarding state-mandated lockdowns.

At the American Institute for Economic Research, Robert E. Wright skewers a new study assessing outcomes from mask mandates and dining restrictions.

At The Daily Signal, Robert Moffit argues that the federal government must face the impending Medicare crisis head-on.

At National Review, Jim Geraghty reports on the growing opposition from doctors to recent CDC guidelines.

Free Trade

At the Cato Institute, Scott Lincicome and Inu Manak analyze the ways in which Section 232 can be used as a protectionist cudgel.


At the Cato Institute, David J. Bier reflects on how America’s role as a driving force behind global immigrant population growth has diminished considerably since the 1990s.

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