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Friday News: Amity Shlaes on Herbert Hoover’s Big Government Ways; The National Interest headlines:  The Gold Standard Goes Mainstream

Politics and Government
WSJ lays out the Romney Transition Team
From Investor’s Business Daily, Amity Shlaes explains that Herbert Hoover “Spent Big and Raised Taxes” — and how Paul Ryan insulates Romney from attack.
In The WSJ, Stephen Moore defends Rahm Emanuel’s actions that led to the “strike of choice”. 
On CNBC, Larry Kudlow worries that markets are wrongly expecting a quick compromise to the fiscal cliff. 
The Toledo Blade states that the U.S. economy is a national tragedy. 
Monetary Reform
In The National Interestpresents a counterargument to Prof. Eichengreen’s Critique of Pure Gold : with The Gold Standard Goes Mainstream, by Ralph Benko
Phil Gramm and John Taylor in the WSJ lay out the Hidden Costs of Monetary Easing. 
In The National Journal, Jim Tankersley argues against the latest round of quantitative easing. 
At Morningstar, a debate between dashing glider pilot John Cochrane and Harald Uhlig debate a clear rule for monetary policy. 
At The Cobden Centre, Andy Duncan writes that gold has increasingly moved into the mainstream. 
Dr. Kurt Shuler writes at Let’s have the debate on gold:  “As I pointed out in my previous post, Britain is now in a slump longer than it suffered during the Great Depression. If circumstances like these aren’t enough to make you reconsider the potential desirability of the gold standard, are there any circumstances that would? If the answer is “no,” we can conclude that you are mere dogmatists.”
From OA Now, Douglas French articulates how the case for gold money has been made clear. 
Michael Roberts Blog:  a Marxist economist’s thoughtful perspective on “Republicans and the gold standard”:  “And in the future, the Fed should be abolished and private banks should set their own interest rates and print their own money.  Bank reserves should be fixed in value to the price of gold and better still made up of only gold bullion or coin. … Actually Marx would agree to some extent with this.”
Gold Money,  Félix Moreno de la Cova astutely describes the benefits of golden stability versus fiat chaos.
On Fox Business, Peter Barnes discusses the Fed’s decision on QE3

From Real Clear Market, Steven Malanga says pension woes are mounting as states attempt to dodge reform. 
The Florida-Times Union discusses Florida’s pension debt. 

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