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Green New Deal a Rotten Deal for Workers

Unleash Prosperity Hotline – Weekend Edition
Issue #260
04/09/2021, 04/10/2021, 04/11/2021
1) Green New Deal a Rotten Deal for Workers

The National Association of State Energy Officials has just analyzed energy jobs in America and guess which jobs pay the most? Nuclear power and fossil fuel jobs: construction workers, drillers, truckers, pipe fitters, petroleum and nuclear engineers. With overtime, blue-collar workers in the oil patch can make $100,000 a year. The hourly wages for nuclear workers is more than $40 an hour, oil and gas workers make about $32 an hour, and wind and solar at $24 – $26 an hour. We are trading good energy jobs for lower-paying ones. 

Biden wants to unionize the wind and solar workforce but that will only make them even MORE EXPENSIVE, which will drive up Americans’ energy costs. Unions that are buying into Biden’s war on American energy are shafting the workers they supposedly represent. 
2) IMF Recommends Sock it to the Rich as Virtue Signaling

It’s always been astonishing to us that one of the most corrupt, self-serving, and consistently wrong institutions in the world, the International Monetary Fund, is still financed by U.S. taxpayers. For those not familiar with the IMF, think of a room full of stiff-collared Euro-bureaucrats, central bankers, Ivy League Keynesian economists, and retired politicians and you can imagine the bad ideas that spill out of this globalist swamp.

So right on cue, here is the latest news splash from the IMF as reported by this Business Standard headline:

This “solidarity tax on high earners and companies that prospered in the coronavirus crisis” would “reduce social inequalities that have been exacerbated by the economic and health crisis of the past year,” the fund said. It calls for a rise in income tax rates in rich countries even though the agency concedes most of these nations “are not facing a crisis” in their budgets. 

The higher tax rates are advisable because they will have a “symbolic impact” – they are a form of global penance for the COVID lockdowns. The irony is that the economic inequalities that the IMF bemoans were a result of the very failed lockdown strategies that pummeled the poor and yet were supported by the IMF.  It seems not to matter at all that raising income tax rates globally would reduce global output and increase poverty. 

We have a much better idea for helping the poor: take the billions of dollars we spend on the IMF and give it to the Salvation Army.  

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