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Hooray! The Pipeline Is Finally Completed

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #387
1) Hooray! The Pipeline Is Finally Completed

Sorry. Gotcha. That isn’t the vital Keystone XL Pipeline in North America, it’s the Nordstream 2, linking Russia with Germany. That’s the one that Biden supports. 

And that is why Vladimir is loving life!

2) Jeff Bezos On Wealth

Jeff Bezos is the globe’s first $200 billion man. The market cap of the company he founded, Amazon, is now well over $1 trillion. Is it “unfair” that one man should have that much wealth?

We don’t care for Bezos’ progressive politics. But we admire the common-sense way has defended his enormous wealth when he has been confronted on having so much of it. 

This is from his most recent shareholder letter:

“We’ve created $1.6 trillion of wealth for shareowners. Who are they? Your Chair is one, and my Amazon shares have made me wealthy. But more than 7/8ths of the shares, representing $1.4 trillion of wealth creation, are owned by others. Who are they? They’re pension funds, universities, and 401(k)s.” 

But he left out the consumer surplus he has created – often for the lowest income people in society. Like its rival Walmart, Amazon has delivered goods to the doorstep of nearly every American at often ridiculously low prices. That value to his fellow citizens is easily another trillion dollars.

God bless capitalism.

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