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Biden’s Green Energy Slush Fund Gave $3 Billion to a Solar Company Accused of Scamming Seniors

Here’s yet another reason why Congress must IMMEDIATELY shut down Biden’s (and in turn Jigar Shah and John Podesta’s) $400 billion slush fund that ladles out tax dollars to favored green energy companies and Democrat special interest groups as, if they were running a soup kitchen.

Now we have a new report from the Free Beacon that unmasks some of the unsavory characters whose pockets are being lined:

A solar company that was awarded a $3 billion Department of Energy loan has been accused of scamming dementia patients on their deathbeds into signing five-figure, multi-decade solar panel leases, according to interviews and state consumer complaint records obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Every time we expose these scamsters, the Biden administration scoffs and says this is just one bad apple among thousands of grants in the cart. It sure seems to us that the whole cart of apples is rotten.

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