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Despite Media Blindness, the Potential for Voter Fraud Is All Too Real

Earlier this month, we at CTUP released a must-read report by our senior fellow John Fund, a leading expert on election fraud, on the risks of widespread voter fraud in 2024. The report highlights the stunning fact that almost half the states are now automatically registering people to vote whenever they have contact with welfare programs (and other state agencies) – without validating their citizenship, age, residency, or other qualifications to be eligible to vote. Gee. We wonder why! Just in time for next November.

Fund’s reporting finds that automatic voter registration (or AVR)  increases the errors on already flawed voter rolls, makes it easier to commit fraud, and results in the registration of large numbers of ineligible voters as well as duplicate registrations.

No sooner did we blare the siren alarm on this scheme, we now learn of more evidence of blatant election fraud. In Connecticut, a judge took the extraordinary step of overturning a September primary election for mayor in Bridgeport – Connecticut’s largest city. The judge cited massive evidence that supporters of the incumbent stuffed stacks of absentee ballots into drop boxes.

Last month, the city council president of Paterson, N.J. (population 158,000) was charged with personally collecting large numbers of mail-in ballots and replacing the ones that didn’t vote for him with ones that did.

Democrats seem entirely uninterested in fixing these REAL “threats to democracy.”

Small wonder that 60% of likely voters nationwide consider election cheating a problem, according to Rasmussen Reports. Yet the Washington Post insists on calling election fraud a “myth” and a “fantasy.”

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