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Europe’s Green Energy Crisis Continues

We’ve said it dozens of times on these pages, but it bears repeating: if you want to see what a green energy future looks like: look no further than modern-day Europe.

Europe is about 10 years ahead of the U.S. in the green energy fad. Now the continent is in its worst energy crisis since World War Two. Natural gas stockpiles are at near record lows, prices have soared by a factor of five this year and power rate hikes are forcing industries to reduce output. To make matters worse, brain-dead Germany will permanently close down three nuclear plants forever this week at the same time wind generators are vastly underperforming.

Even pleas from liberals such as Bill Gates and the NASA scientist and climate change alarmist Jim Hansen to keep the clean and reliable power from Germany’s plants going on an emergency basis have been rejected. The anti-nuclear Green Party is a key coalition partner in Germany’s brand new government. The big winner here is Russia, which controls the pipeline spigots that supply Europe with winter gas.

Now the Europeans have to pray that it isn’t a cold winter ahead.

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