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Who Needs A Legislative Branch?

Democrats are scheming a Plan B for Build Back Broker and that is to circumvent Congress and simply adopt the major platforms of BBB through Executive Orders.

Pramila Jayapal, the chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, told reporters last week: “It is abundantly clear that we cannot trust what Sen. Manchin says. At this point, we should not wait for that legislative path…”

Jayapal made clear she wants Biden to pursue a plan of executive orders and Congressional staffers already have lists of creative uses of executive power that will be part of a demand list. Examples:

      • An obscure section of the Social Security Act allows the Department of Health and Human Services to grant Medicare to any individual who has been subject to the loosely-defined “environmental exposure.” In theory, Biden could open the flood gates to Medicare eligibility by embracing the tenets of the “environmental racism” movement.
      • On student debt, Biden has just extended a moratorium on any repayment of those loans.  What if he commanded his Department of Education to forgive college loan debt on a rolling basis, effectively canceling out the debt.
      • On immigration, Biden could grant Temporary Protected Status to undocumented people already in the U.S. This would have to be done on a country by country basis, but once granted, migrants would be able to get work permits and would be safe from deportation.

There is more to come, but we are looking at a future of government not by law, but by presidential fiat.

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