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Weekend Update: Lewis Lehrman on Paul Ryan; Steve Hanke on worldwide hyperinflation

Politics and Government
On Lou Dobbs Tonight, Lewis Lehrman weighs in on Paul Ryan’s impact on the Presidential race. 

From The WSJ,  Stephen Moore reports on the 400 economists who have endorsed Mitt Romney.
In The WSJ, Collin Levy discusses Art Laffer’s contention that the election will be a landslide for Mitt Romney.
In The NYT, Annie Lowrey writes that Paul Ryan has the ear of the conservative establishment.
At National Review Online, James Kemp welcomes Paul Ryan to the campaign.
On Fox Business, John Tamny weighs in on capitalism, taxes, and the election.

Monetary Reform
In TGSN, Ralph Benko writes on how Altoids “Curiously Strong” mints jokes that they once were stronger then the U.S. dollar.
At Forbes, Louis Woodhill contends that General Motors is heading for bankruptcy again.
At Market Watch, Rex Nutting argues that supply side tax cuts have led to income inequality.
On Geneva Patch, Illinois State Senator Chris Lauzen states that he will suggest a pension reform compromise. 
From The Washington Post, Michael Fletcher says new rules have exposed biggerfunding gaps for public pensions.
Steve Hanke documents his world hyperinflation research. 
On Cato @ Liberty, Steve Hanke writes that slumping money has plunged Hungary into a recession.

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