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Monday round up: Henderson on Krugman; Mundell on a Greece exit; Forbes on Europe.

From Econlog, David Henderson rebuts Paul Krugman’s claim that Reaganomics was explained by the Keynesian economic model.

NASDAQ reports Robert Mundell handicapping a Greek euro exit at 25%.

On The Kudlow Report, Steve Forbes opposes Europe’s tax-hike austerity:

The WSJ wonders if the new Greek government will be better than what’s come before.

The Washington Post reports negative economic impact from Alabama’s illegal immigrant crackdown.

The WSJ examines the US visa shortage for high-skill immigrants.

From Foreign Policy, Fred Bergsten laments China’s refusal to follow Japan down the currency appreciation sink hole.

At Dissident Voice, Robert Zuniker attacks supply-side economics without mentioning stable money.

The Burlington Free-Press satirizes supply side economics:

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