Monday round up: Santorum’s economic freedom agenda; Tamny on Romney’s Asia policy; Luskin and Kelly on European supply-side reforms.

From The WSJ, Rick Santorum outlines a strong economic freedom agenda, but omits dollar stability.

On Forbes, John Tamny critiques Mitt Romney’s Asia policy, including his high yuan/low dollar policy.

At Big Government, Dr. Susan Berry reports supply-siders favor Newt Gingrich’s tax plan.

On The Kudlow Report, a panel discusses Romney vs. Santorum tax plans:

At The WSJ last week, Don Luskin and Lorcan Roche Kelly highlight European supply-side reforms (h/t: Bretton Woods Research).

In The WSJ, George Melloan explains the Fed’s dilemma if borrowing costs rise.

From The NY Sun, Ira Stoll rebuts a Republican call for higher capital gains taxes.

At International Liberty, Dan Mitchell highlights a poll that indicates 75% of likely voters believe the wealthy should pay lower taxes.

On Kudlow, Sen. Ron Johnson (WI) debates tax rates on the rich:

PJ Media reports economist Laurence Kotlikoff is running for President from the Americans Elect party.

At TGSN, Ralph Benko recounts legendary Treasury Secretary Albert Gallatin’s support for gold-linked money.

From earlier this month on Forbes, Brian Domitrovic notes the role of tariffs on the Civil War.

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