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Monday update: Benko slams Pearlstein; Laffer on enterprise zones; Tamny pans the President’s jobs plan.

From Forbes, Ralph Benko slams The Washington Post’s Keynesian columnist Steven Pearlstein for disrespecting the gold standard.

In The WSJ, Art Laffer resuscitates enterprise zones to help African-American communities hit by high unemployment.
From Cato, Alan Reynolds corrects Charles Krauthammer on the Eisenhower economy.

Whether President Obama’s base finds supply-side economics appealing or not, he should immediately join with all members of Congress from both parties to develop a full program for enterprise zones. And while enterprise zones are desperately needed in our inner cities, there are lots of areas in the hollows of Kentucky and West Virginia that need enterprise zones as well, not to mention barrios in California and New Mexico. Enterprise zones should be areas that are geographically defined with exceptionally high concentrations of poverty, underachievement and unemployment.

At Forbes, John Tamny pans the President’s jobs plan.

On Kudlow, Stephen Moore debates the President’s job plan:


The NY Sun connects US Rep. Ron Paul’s (TX) continued strength with many primary voters to his focus on the Constitution, including sound money.

On Asia Times, David Goldman suggests gold is falling because Greece and Italy may go bankrupt.

From TGSN, Ralph Benko features a cable on Beijing taking seriously a return to a dollar gold standard.

On Forbes, Reuven Brenner notes the US has yet to fully recover from 9/11.

At New World Economics, Nathan Lewis recounts the history of the British pound.

From Future of Capitalism, Ira Stoll notes Thomas Friedman’s new book includes positive words about the gold standard.

On The Kudlow Report, Cato’s Chris Edwards debates whether Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme:


The WSJ chides both Rick Perry and Mitt Romney on Social Security.

On his blog, Dick Morris critiques Perry’s Social Security position.

At International Liberty, Dan Mitchell suggests Romney and Michelle Bachmann are wrong to bash Perry on Social Security.

On COAL, Paul Krugman continues to deny gold’s inflation signal.

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