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Tuesday items: Domitrovic on JFK’s early missteps; Kudlow praises the frontrunners’ dollar stance; Reynolds rebuts Buffett.

From Forbes, Brian Domitrovic explains that the President’s jobs proposal repeats JFK’s early mistakes.

At Cato, Alan Reynolds explains the President’s plan would mean a $447 billion in tax increases. Also from Cato, Reynolds analyzes the flaw in the President’s home refinancing plan.

At NRO, Larry Kudlow notes the GOP front runners support for a stable dollar.

On The Kudlow Report, David Goldman discusses a possible Greek default:

From IBD, Alan Reynolds rebuts Warren Buffett’s call for higher taxes.

In The Washington Times, Richard Rahn notes regulations that damage the economy.

David Goldman has launched a financial analysis company.

From Alhambra Partners, John L. Chapman notes that New Keynesian Romney advisor Greg Mankiw tellingly omits the dollar from his analysis of weak US fixed investment.

In The Financial Post (Canada), Steve Hanke analyzes the damage done by Basel III’s increased bank capital-asset requirements.

At TGSN, Daniel M. Ryan explains the danger of fiat money (more here).

On Kudlow, James Pethokoukis discusses Rick Perry’s debate performance and Social Security position:


At Forbes, Ken Rapoza quotes Bretton Woods Research’s Vlad Signorelli defending the euro.

On NRO, Josh Hendrickson of University of Mississippi argues the Fed should target nominal growth.

From Bloomberg, NRO’s Ramesh Ponnuru criticizes Rick Perry for bashing Social Security.

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