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Tuesday summary: Domitrovic on oil prices; Tamny on Stiglitz; Goldman on declining credit.

From Forbes, Brian Domitrovic notes the government profits handsomely from high oil prices.

On RCM, John Tamny critiques Joseph Stiglitz for his recent claims that the top one percent have benefitted in recent years at the expense of others.

At Asia Times, David Goldman suggests declining credit is deflationary.

From Fox News, Steve Forbes discusses tax hike proposals to pay for government benefits:

On Forbes, Charles Kadlec explains the dollar fell during – and because of – Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke’s press conference.

On Reuters, James Pethokoukis reports that all income groups have had substantial wage growth since President Reagan took office:

At NRO, James Glassman argues faster growth, not deficit reduction, is key to American prosperity.

From, Ralph Benko suggests a gold standard is constitutional money.

The Laffer Center profiles Art Laffer:

From Alhambra Investments, Joe Calhoun notes rising inflation and commodity prices.

At Newsweek, Niall Ferguson says inflation is back.

The WSJ notes wealth Americans pay a higher percentage of total taxes even compared to Europeans (reprinted by House Republicans).

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