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Ralph Benko Discusses Saint Patrick’s Day & Supply Side

Policy and Government

Ralph Benko discusses Saint Patrick’s Day & Supply Side.


At Forbes, (via YouTube), Steve Forbes analyzes four flaws with a wealth tax.

At Fox Business, Larry Kudlow warns that Biden’s proposed tax hikes would severely damage middle-income families.

At Fox News, Kudlow rips the Democrats’ infrastructure plan, calling it a backdoor for the Green New Deal and a trojan horse designed to repeal Trump’s tax cuts.

At Fox Business, Forbes argues that big tax increases will only serve to convolute the tax code and dampen economic growth.


At the Cato Institute, Scott Lincicome analyzes how American trade policy has caused the costs of construction materials to go through the roof.

Monetary Policy

At Forbes (via YouTube), Forbes asks, will the United States follow India’s lead and wage a war on cryptocurrencies?

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