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Why Aren’t All States Reopened?

Unleash Prosperity Hotline – Weekend Edition
Issue #246
03/19/2021, 03/20/2021, 03/21/2021
1) Why Aren’t All States Reopened?

The original justification for lockdowns was the fear of a shortage of hospital beds. The map below shows that no states are in the emergency red color code and no states are even in the orange status of having to worry about shortages. There are a few states in the northeast and Missouri that are no fully back to normal hospital conditions. The rest of the nation – roughly 44 states that are green.

But many of these states, including big states like California, Illinois, Maryland, and Washington still have various lockdown rules in effect and draconian in-class school restrictions. 


Here in DC we never even got close to going into surge capacity, let alone using the $50 million field hospital at the convention center. There are only 123 COVID patients in DC hospitals today, down 52% from when the mayor opened restaurants 25%. Loosen the grip madam mayor!

2) Nun Versus the (Lockdown) Machine

Three years ago tiny Loyola of Chicago made an improbable run to the college basketball final four. They rode on the prayers and Rosary of Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt, the now world-famous nun, who has been the number one fan of the Ramblers for more than seven decades.

She became a national heartthrob – the most famous nun in the country. CBS featured her during every game. Now she’s 101 years young and ready to be there in Indianapolis. She’s had her vaccination shots. She’s now in a wheelchair but feels great. Tested negative 30 times!

But the NCAA and pro-lockdown officials vetoed her presence.

“I want to go so badly,” she told the Chicago Tribune forlornly.

“They said there’s restrictions. You can’t run down on the court. You can’t talk to the young men. I said, ‘I’m not going to run down on the court and I’m not going to cause any disturbance.’ I said, ‘I won’t do things I’m not supposed to.’”

The NCAA’s health bureaucrats wouldn’t budge.

But the outrage from sports fans around the country and common sense have finally prevailed. Sister Jean will be allowed to attend the games.

Ahh, we love March madness.

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