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Yes, Mr. President, Please Veto this Abomination

Unleash Prosperity Hotline 
Issue #186
1) Yes, Mr. President, Please Veto this Abomination 

Trump became president 4 years ago by promising to “drain the swamp.” We and many others have made the case that this wretched stimulus scam feeds the swamp.    

President Trump apparently agrees. He wants Congress to gut the hundreds of billions of dollars of wasteful spending (see yesterday’s Hotline or watch the video below), but he also wants $2,000 checks to individuals. We’re for gutting the bacon slices but strongly against more helicopter money and bigger checks. 

A veto would force pro-pork congressional Republicans to vote to override. That’s a tough vote given Trump’s high approval with GOP voters. Democrats will be indignant and furious, but that’s fine. Let them defend checks to illegal immigrants, windmill subsidies, tens of millions of dollars for “gender equity programs,” $4 billion for the NY subway system, $300 a week bonus unemployment, and billions of foreign aid money in a COVID relief bill. We can’t wait to hear their defense. 

You go Mr. President.

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