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Texas, Yes, Texas, Is Running Out Of Energy Again

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Issue #308
1) Texas, Yes, Texas, Is Running Out Of Energy Again

Those old enough to remember the bad-old days of the 1970s, may remember hapless Jimmy Carter recommending people keep their thermostats set at 68 degrees in the wintertime and 72 in the Summer to “conserve energy.”

Thanks to idiot green energy mandates and a heat wave in Texas, the largest Texas utility ERCOT is recommending similar draconian measures for homeowners. This from Austin Energy:

June 14, 2021

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is asking customers to reduce their electric use as much as possible through Friday, June 18. ERCOT reported a significant number of forced generation outages, combined with potential record electric use for the month of June, has resulted in tight grid conditions. Here are some tips for Austin Energy customers to help conserve energy:

– Set thermostat at 78 degrees or higher. Each degree lower increases your energy use by 6 to 8 percent.
– Raise the thermostat to 85 degrees when you are away for two hours or more.
– Point fans in your direction. Fans blowing directly on you can make it feel about 4 degrees cooler. In the summer, fan blades should move counterclockwise to push cool air downward.  
– Avoid using the oven or doing laundry during the hottest time of the day.”

This may seem like a Babylon Bee spoof, but, sadly, IT ISN’T. Our Texas sources are telling us that these conservation measures are necessary because the wind isn’t blowing in the hot dry weather, and the state’s renewable energy mandate requires a share of the power on the grid come from now nearly non-existent wind power.

Our readers will remember that we were the first to report on the calamity with Texas power outages of millions of homeowners for more than a week during this winter’s middle of the country polar vortex when the wind turbines and solar panels froze.  

So let’s see if we can simplify all of this. Renewable energy doesn’t work when the weather is VERY cold. And it breaks down when the weather is VERY hot – in other words when we need energy the most.

And yet the politicians think wind and solar power are the energy sources of the future. If we continue to shut down our fossil fuels in America, the day will come very soon where the energy police will be regulating the temperature of your home and if and when you can use your stove and dishwasher.

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