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Thursday round up: Forbes on Lewis’ book; Kudlow on the Walker victory; Pethokoukis on the President’s economic policies.

From Forbes, Steve Forbes urges reading of Nathan Lewis’ Gold: The Once and Future Money.

On NRO, Larry Kudlow links Wednesday’s Dow surge to Scott Walker’s recall victory.

At Forbes, Louis Woodhill argues the market is spooked by possible QE3.

On The Kudlow Report, James Pethokoukis debates the President’s economic policies:

In The WSJ, Phil Gramm and Glenn Hubbard suggest Mitt Romney’s recovery would be like President Reagan’s.

The WSJ compares the Obama and Romney job creation records.

From The American, James Pethokoukis assesses the impact of quantitative easing.

On The Daily Beast, Bruce Bartlett highlights the virtues of the Scandinavian tax system for its lower penalty on capital versus labor income:

In The American Spectator, Jeff Lord notes Bill Clinton’s policy ties to Ronald Reagan, in contrast with President Obama.

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