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Tuesday update: Mundell on the 20th century; Reynolds on the top 1%; Gingrich on supply-side economics.

50,000 Page Views.
We’re pleased to announce that yesterday this site reached 50,000 page views since its founding in May 2010. When setting goals for 2011, we set that target as a goal, so it’s gratifying to achieve it. To be sure, this number is a small fraction of the hits for big web sites, but this is a part-time site that has grown without much promotion. Thanks for reading.

From his 1999 Nobel lecture, Robert Mundell provides a fascinating monetary history of the 20th century.

In The WSJ, Alan Reynolds notes the recession’s disproportionate impact on the top 1%.

On Forbes, Ralph Benko credits Robert Mundell with China’s recent economic success.

At RCM, John Tamny critiques the Fed’s latest easy credit maneuver.

On The Kudlow Report, Newt Gingrich advocates major tax reform, cites Peter Ferrara, Jude Wanniski, and Art Laffer, and refers to himself as part of Jack Kemp’s “supply-side cabal”:

In The Washington Examiner, Conn Carroll notes conservative interest in Jon Huntsman.

From Alhambra Partners, Joe Calhoun surveys the market.

At Asia Times, David Goldman argues Italy’s mix of spending cuts and tax increases doom it to stagnation.

On Forbes, Charles Kadlec critiques European austerity measures.

In The Hill, Republican lobbyist (and former congressional colleague) John Feehery advocates less focus on “no new taxes,” and more focus on a pro-growth tax system.

From SNL, “President Obama” lists anti-tax activist Grover Norquist as the nation’s second most powerful entity:

In The NYT, Bruce Bartlett suggests tax hikes on the wealthy are inevitable.

At COAL, Paul Krugman notes Germany’s huge export boom since the euro was established.

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