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Wednesday items: The Wash Post reports the President’s assault on SSE; Ferrara responds; Pethokoukis on inequality.

The Washington Post reports the President claiming supply-side economics has never worked.

In The American Spectator, Peter Ferrara says the President is pitting the takers against the makers.

At Forbes, Bill Frezza rebuts Robert Reich.

On The Kudlow Report, a panel discusses the Gingrich vs. Romney race:

At The American, Alex Brill explains that the payroll tax holiday is bad policy.

The WSJ notes the tax increase support from Governors Cuomo and Brown.

From The American, Bret Swanson argues the FCC restrictions of the AT&T-Mobile wireless merger will damage jobs and innovation.

The WSJ notes possible changes in the Basel III rules.

On Kudlow, James Pethokoukis discusses income inequality:

At Forbes, Brian Domitrovic chides the press for its coverage of Herman Cain.

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