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Washington Post Lies Cost the GOP Two Georgia Senate Seats

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #244
1) Washington Post Lies Cost the GOP Two Georgia Senate Seats

A few days before the two Georgia Senate runoff races, we predicted that if Democrats won both seats, it would cost the country multiple trillions of dollars. And we were right. These were arguably the most impactful nonpresidential races in American history. 

The left is nefarious, but they aren’t stupid. They knew full-well the stakes. We suspected they would do anything to win. These are the people who for their next trick want to ban voter ID laws.

So count us as wholly unsurprised when we heard yesterday that the Washington Post had fabricated its story about what Trump said in his December phone conversation with the state’s top elections investigator. As the Post confesses in its retraction: “Trump did not tell the investigator to ‘find the fraud’ or say she would be ‘a national hero’ if she did so.”

They just made up the quotes out of thin air. Or else they believed an unnamed “source” who made up the quotes, because the Post WANTED to believe were true. At least the Post has come clean, but that’s like discovering that a murder suspect was falsely convicted three months after his execution.

Not only were these false quotes repeated hundreds upon hundreds of times in every major newspaper and virtually every major TV network in the days before the special election, but as our friends at the Federalist report: “House Democrats would cite the article and its fabricated quotes on page 10 of their impeachment brief, as well as highlight the article and its fake quotes in oral arguments during the televised impeachment trial.” 

We will report back to you, dear readers, when Nancy Pelosi, et al issue their sincerest apologies to Trump.

Something else happened hundreds and hundreds of times over the last four years: the Washington Post accused Trump of being a liar. But one thing Trump never lied about: fake news is rampant in America.
2) High Unemployment Is a Blue-State Virus

America isn’t a difficult place to understand. We are two countries. Most red states are in very solid economic shape. Most blue states are economic catastrophes.

We now have yet another month of unemployment data verifying this premise: that Democrats are too incompetent to lead the country, because every state they run, they drive into a ditch.

The seven states with unemployment rates above 8% are ALL run by Democrats. Eight of the 10 states with unemployment rates of 4% or less are all run by Republican governors.

By the way, the two outlier states with Democratic governors and low unemployment rates are Kansas, where the Republican legislature overruled the governor to open schools, and Wisconsin, where the Republican state Supreme Court struck down the governor’s lockdown.

This is what is so egregiously unjust about the Biden blue state bailout stimulus bill. The competent, open states are forced to bailout the reckless lockdown states, both through massive direct cash giveaways to their governments and through weekly unemployment bonus checks.

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