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Weekend edition: Danker links the debt downgrade to fiat money; Pawlenty withdraws; Ferrara sees a crash coming.

From The Des Moines Register, Rich Danker suggests the S&P debt downgrade is the inevitable result of leaving the gold standard 40 years ago.

The LA Times reports growth advocate Tim Pawlenty’s withdrawal from the Republican presidential race.

At NRO, Larry Kudlow interviews Sen. Pat Toomey (PA) about a grand bargain on the debt and taxes.

On The Kudlow Report, James Pethokoukis analyzes the GOP debate:

At RCP, US Rep. Ron Paul (TX) advocates a gold standard at last week’s GOP debate.

On The Washington Monthly, Steve Benen expresses astonishment that the gold standard is being discussed by Republican candidates.

From Forbes, Peter Ferrara predicts the end of loose monetary policy, combined with new Obamacare taxes and the Bush tax rates’ expiration, will cause an economic collapse in 2013.

On Fox Business News, Steve Forbes suggests bond yields will rise due to higher borrowing and the low dollar:

In The WSJ, Glenn Hubbard advocates tax reform to get the economy moving.

On The American Spectator, John Berlau chides Europe for suspending short sales.

At New World Economics, Nathan Lewis ties tax and monetary error to the rise and fall of great nations.

On CNN, Paul Krugman wishes for an alien invasion that would justify increased government spending and expansionary monetary policy.

The Washington Post reports that after months of deficit obsession, the House Republican majority looks vulnerable.

At Forbes, Reuven Brenner suggests educational reform to get the US growing again.

Reason asks various experts how to fix the economy. Only Amity Schlaes zeroes in on monetary reform as the top priority. Notably, former supply-sider Bruce Bartlett argues the US is in a Keynesian liquidity trap requiring inflation and increased government spending.

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